Port of Siófok

A very interesting scenic spot is the port of Siófok, from where the scheduled and pleasure boats put forth. The busiest boat traffic occurs here on the lake. There is a  monument erected to 100th, 125th and 150th anniversary of steamboating on Lake Balaton that can be found in front of the port's main building (in the park).

On the northern part stands the statue made by Tibor Vilt, which is called Mermaid of Lake Balaton (1974). The rose garden is also located next to the port. In 1997, the town put up a statue to Kálmán Szekrényessy (made by Béla Bajnok), who was the first man who swam cross the lake. Harbor of the sailing boats, as well as the Hungarian Meteorological Service - Storm Observatory are close to the port but unfortunately, not open for visitors.