Villa Jókai

The history of Villa Jókai

The construction of the villa was financed by Dávid Braun in 1897 and the building was bought by Dr. Vilmos Fekete, a lawyer from Temesvár at the turn of the century. The villa’s name reveals that it is connected to the famous Hungarian, romantic writer Mór Jókai. In the year 1903 Jókai spent his last summer in this mansion. Mór Jókai frequently stayed in Siófok and he processed the experiences during the shipping from Siófok to Füred in his novel “Aranyember” (The Man with the Golden Touch). The villa served until the end of the Second World War as a summer residence up to the socialisation in the year 1947.
During the years of socialism the house served as a police station, as a music school and also as a centre for the region of Pannonia. In 1995 the house fell back into the hands of private property.

At the present the building serves as a hotel.